GAA programmes and results (results being updated regularly) from the 1930 to 2021, we have a very large selection of club and county our website (708 uploaded to the website at 20/06/2022), if you have any old programmes I can borrow to add to the collection then I would love to get a lend of them or if you have old issues you no longer want to hold onto I can add them to the archive.

This was a COVID lockdown project I started in March 2020 that went a lot further than I had planned so I hope you enjoy, contact me at 086-9969256 if you can help add to the collection, I will scan them and return them like I got them. Along with my own substantial collection that I first scanned and uploaded, many thanks to Donal Gallagher (Falcarragh), Conal Aiden Gildea (Adrara), Charlie O'Donnell, Noel Kennedy, Michael McShane and Kieron Kenny (Wicklow) for lending/providing issues for this project so far.

Recent Uploads

(20 June 2022)

2022 Senior Championship Qualifier Round 2 Armagh 3-17 Donegal 0-16

2022 Ulster Senior Championship Quarter Final Donegal 1-16 Armagh 0-12

2022 NFL Division One Round 6 Dublin 2-15 Donegal 2-11

2022 Ulster Senior Championship Final Derry 1-16 Donegal 1-14 

2022 NHL Division Two B Semi Final Sligo 1-20 Donegal 1-19

2022 Ulster Minor Championship Semi Final Tyrone 0-13 Donegal 1-10 

2022 Ulster Minor Championship Qualifier Round Two Monaghan 3-07 Donegal 4-12 

2022 Ulster Minor Championship Round Two Derry 2-11 Donegal 1-09 

2022 Ulster Minor Championship Round One Donegal 4-16 Fermanagh 0-05

2022 NHL Division Two B Round 3 Wicklow 3-08 Donegal 2-16

(1 January 2022)

1959 Dr McKenna Cup Donegal vs Down

1991-92 NFL Division 1 B Round 4 Wicklow 2-06 Donegal 1-06

1993-94 NFL Division One Round 4 Kildare 1-10 Donegal 0-07 

1993-94 NFL Division One Quarter Final Donegal 0-07 Laois 0-08 

1994-95 NFL Division One Play-Off Donegal 1-08 Kerry 1-10

1994-95 NFL Division One Quarter Final Donegal 2-11 Clare 3-07

1995-96 NFL Division One Quarter Final Donegal 2-12 Wicklow 1-08

1996-97 NFL Division One Round 7 Kildare 1-14 Donegal 1-07

2007 Inter Provincial Finals Ulster v Munster (Hurling Connacht v Munster)

2010 NFL Division Two Round 3 Kildare 1-17 Donegal 1-09