Final Leaderboard


Final Standings:
1st Place: Emer Carr with an overall total of 28
2nd Place: Oliver Smith with an overall total of 27
3rd Place: Declan Gallagher with an overal total of 26


Deadline for entry is 10pm on Friday March 31st.

 Entry Fee: €10


1st Prize:  €300

2nd Prize:  €200

3rd Prize:  €100

In the event of a tie with multiple entrants on equal points at the end of the competition, the winners will be decided by the tiebreaker question (see below). In the event that the tiebreaker cannot separate winners, the prizes will be combined and divided equally between winners, e.g. Two winners having the same tiebreaker answer will split €500 (€300 + €200)

Adh Mór!